Luca Emil - Aeon Blank
"Adam came along and mixed the first song we sent him in one night (yeah, really) - we listened and then looked at each other with our eyes popped out...there was no feedback to give because it sounded perfect. It was a pleasure working with this guy! Would work and WILL work with him again. But don't take my word for it...just listen to Dark Waters!"

Adrian Spier - Velosonics
"It was a blessing to work with you Adam, from start to finish. I am definitively looking forward to work with you again on our next album."

Sim Ran - D.O.G Delusions of Grandeur
"Adam combines quality with quality. I never heard myself sound sexier."

Alex Flora - Artist Manager
"Adam must be a kung fu fighter, 'cause he is fast as lightning!"

Peter Hundley - Quitters Anonymous
"We had Adam mix one song for us and immediately knew we had to have him mix our whole record. His mixes took the whole project to another level, we loved the way the songs turned out!"

Electric Tuxedo
"Just had a few more listens. Literally cannot believe that it's the same tracks we had on our original mix!"