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Imagine your tracks sounding as good as the artists you admire. Radio hits, national chart successes. You want that? Now you CAN by hiring a mixer with the track record and experience to work with you and achieve your musical goals! You worked hard on your music, now it’s time to work with us to make it the best it can be.

Bald English provides the highest quality, affordable, multi-platinum award winning online mixing services to all levels of artist, whether you are home recording to unsigned bands to major label, covering all genres from hip-hop to indie to rock to pop. Everyone's welcome! Simply reach out and hit the button below to begin your free consultation via email or to arrange a phone call.


Just a few of the records mixed for clients over the years. 

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Bald English is quite unsurprisingly run by a bald guy called Adam Whittaker, who started his musical career as a dirtbag guitarist in an American rock band, quickly finding his true love was being on the other side of the glass. He was fortunate enough to work with some great record producers and artists honing his skills along the way working with The Saw Doctors (mixing a #1 & #2 Irish hit single), The Damned, Starsailor, Julian Cope, Doves (#1 UK platinum LP), Kate Nash, Philip Tennant, John Leckie, Mark Ronson, Pure Reason Revolution, as well as countless other artists. 

He later relocated to Central Europe where he currently is a mix engineer, occasionally producing, working with all kinds of artists having numerous hits, topping radio playlists and earning a further two platinum certified albums working with music from all over the world from Bollywood (one BILLION streams and counting) to Hollywood via an online mixing service.



Listen to some of the tracks mixed here on Spotify & Soundcloud (log into Spotify for full quality)



Check out some music videos featuring songs mixed for our online mixing clients.


Rates Overview

Expensive? Nah! We offer very simple mixing and mastering prices, and are open to negotiation for full album packages or those on super tight budgets.


Standard Mix - fixed per song

We work together to deliver you the best mix possible from the multi-tracks or stems you provide, including two revisions and as much personal contact as you need. Your mix will be delivered as 24/44 stereo WAV, ready for professional mastering, and an in-house mastered 16 bit version.


Mix and Analog Master - per song

You get everything in the standard package, and then we level up. Your mix is then sent to our mastering partner for full professional Analog Mastering. Not some guy with plugins, or a mixer that also masters, nope - a real, does nothing but mastering - mastering house with a track record of success.


Extras - per song

We charge a basic per hour fee for radio edits, clean versions, re-runs with new files in addition to original mix, etc. 


Customer Testimonials

The Caligaris

“Adam’s mixes are incredible! He gets it right first time every time, no matter what genre you throw at him. A very clever, super friendly chap who offers an affordable and fast turnaround.”

Aeon Blank

“Since my last record, the first time we worked together, back in 2014, Adam is my first choice when it comes to mixing and mastering. Not only his mixes sound great, but he seems to UNDERSTAND the songs and that is a rare thing these days. Also, he's cool, he's friendly and a nice guy to talk to. Gotta love this guy! Highly recommended :D”

Henry Shaw

“Adam's a really great mix engineer. I've used him on several recording projects and he's always been a great person to work with. I'm probably not the easiest of clients due to having a strong idea of what I'm after but Adam has always been understanding & patient to help me achieve my musicial vision.“


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