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It's long overdue for me to start blogging again. In the past I wrote about projects as they were underway, and maybe will revisit that, but I often get asked for production and recording advice, seeing as I used to produce a lot of records, lived to tell the tale and was even successful sometimes! Unfortunately now that I concentrate mainly on online mixing here at Bald English that usually happens AFTER people have recorded the music which is a little too late. I’ve also had the joy of working with a lot of other *really* successful producers as an engineer myself which not so many people get to do these days and soaked up everything from how not to treat your engineer (like taping a microphone to his head and making him walk round the live room to find the sweet spot, or making them drink tape head cleaner, or...hey - this could be a long topic and I should probably make a post about it later, right?) to really awe-inspiring, actually useful real-world stuff. So, the basic plan is that I’m going to help you, my beloved clients and hopefully potential future clients to make better records yourself, totally 100% selfishly - so I can have a better life as a mixer when you send me the tracks to finish and look good...mainly all because YOU have done a brilliant job. It’s win-win! Feel free to hit me up at any point via the contact form here on the site if there's a topic you’d like me to post about...and I’ll do my best to make it happen. I am going to try to post weekly, so by all means stay tuned and reach out at anytime here, or via any of the usual social media channels. Happy recording, people - I have to go mix someone's record!